Sandy Collora


Sandy Collora was born August 8, 1968 in Long Island, NY. Growing up he showed incredible artistic talent at a very young age, actually getting disqualified from art contests at school because his teachers thought his drawings were traced. He gravitated to film quickly, the early Spielberg films and the “Star Wars” trilogy being his early inspiration. Work for comic books and gaming magazines in his early teens led to a move to Los Angeles at 17 to pursue his dreams in Hollywood.

Landing a job at Stan Winton Studios in 1988 on “Leviathan,” Collora honed his skills as a creature designer and sculptor, eventually going on to work with industry giants Arnold Kopelson, Rick Baker, and Rob Bottin.

After over a decade of concept design, sculpting, storyboarding, and art direction on major motion pictures, he made his directorial debut last year with his acclaimed short film “Solomon Bernstein’s Bathroom.” 1999 also saw the birth of his toy development studio, as well the small indie production company Montauk Films. Partnering with “Solomon…” producer Dave Fennoy to develop his film and television projects including the features “Hunter Prey,” “Summer Of 57,” and “Guardians of Atlantis.”

Our goal, he states, is to develop from a little known, energetic, creative company with loads of big plans, into the most highly valued idea factory in the world. “You’ve got to have passion for what your doing, everything else in life is just a by-product of the creative storm I call ‘me’.” He lives at the beach and enjoys surfing, fishing, designing toys, listening to Billy Joel, reading comic books and watching movies.